Thursday, 30 October 2008

New Publication

The Autumn Equinox saw the first issue of The Tradition, a journal of Traditional astrology. It is the brainchild of Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro of Lisbon, Portugal, but I am pleased to say that I am also involved, if not in its conception, then in its birth. It is delivered to subscribers as a PDF file, beautifully designed and set by Luis, we are looking for high quality and well-researched articles and papers. The following is the first editorial:

"Choosing the name Tradition for our journal was done after much thought, after all, the word can have many meanings and be applied to all astrological ‘periods’, but we thought it described our aim best. A little like passing the baton in a relay race, Tradition means a custom, belief or opinion handed down to posterity. It implies a sense of continuity, and indeed it is the purpose of this journal to hand down the wisdom of the ancient astrologers to our readers in a clear and practical language. Our scope is wide, from the Ancient Middle-East and Hellenistic Periods, to the Arabic and Christian Medieval, and the Early Modern authors of the 17th century.

Each historical period has its own characteristics – political, social, religious, and so on – and the astrology of each period reflects those characteristics to some degree. Where these characteristics vary from culture to culture, or period to period, we also find variety in astrological method and technique. We are interested in finding the practical and philosophical core of each major astrological period and then identifying its development, or evolution, into the next. However, for all that, there remains a unifying essence which runs throughout history and its discovery forms our goal in these pages, although this does not imply that we favour attempts to fuse these methods, or ‘cherry pick’ techniques.

In order to achieve a deeper understanding of the astrological system as a whole, it is of paramount importance that the scattered resources of the Tradition be recovered and reassembled. We know that much is lost to us, but that shouldn’t prevent the attempt. Some achievements have already been made in this regard, but a more accessible platform is needed for the publication of this research. This journal intends to become that platform, thus creating opportunities for authors and researchers of the Tradition to publish their material without the restrictions found in wider ranging astrological publications. This way, we hope to encourage the research and study of the Art, serving as a primary point of reference for those interested in the Tradition.

This is a publication entirely dedicated to Traditional Western Predictive Astrology. By choosing the digital format we avoid restrictions of size and distribution, as well as making it easily available in any part of the world. This first issue is free of charge, and subsequent issues will have the nominal cost of 5€ (approximately $7.4 or £4). As the editors’ work is entirely voluntary, all profits from the journal will be given to charity. We’ll supply full details in the next issue.

The journal is bi-annual, and it will be issued near each Equinox, around the 15th of March and September. It can be acquired from our website:

So here it is, The Tradition, our commitment to astrology. We offer a warm welcome to all our readers and hope that you will support us in our work and enjoy reading what you find here."

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