Saturday, 7 February 2009

Snow Twins

There are lots of stories around at the moment relating to the recent and current extreme weather conditions in the UK. One that is of interest to astrologers is the birth of twin girls following a difficult journey to the hospital. The snow was so bad that an ambulance was not the first choice and the air ambulance was called, however the weather deteriorated and the helicopter couldn't take off. The Fire Service was then called upon and both that vehicle and an ambulance, having snow chains fixed, made the journey with the Fire Service's four wheel drive vehicle following in case of problems. Many stops were made on the journey to clear debris from the road, running the risk of getting stuck, but eventually they all arrived at the hospital. The fire crews had to stay at the hospital overnight because the weather was so bad and the twins were born at "about 0700".

The full story can be read here:

You can see from the chart that a sign of short ascension rises, so any approximation in the time can make a considerable difference to the rising degree, however, the point I want to make isn't affected by any change from Capricorn to Aquarius. My point is that any nativity whilst record the the birth of a child, in this case two children, it is also an event in the lives of the parents, particularly the mother. The nativity then, whilst describing the life of the newborn, also describes the mother's conditions at the time of birth.

Mercury has risen into the 12th house, and into this house of shadows is every creature born; it is separating from the trine with Saturn which, from this perspective, is the mother. So, we might accept this as a good description of a birth having taken place. Mars also rises and is is often associated with birth when this is the subject of a horary, but also in predictive natal astrology. The significations of Mars are very much analogous to the physical process of giving birth and the attendant symptoms. Saturn as a primary significator, and again from this perspective, it is no surpise given the state of the weather. Placed in the 8th house it gives a clear indication of the fear the mother felt, and of course, this is fully justified because there was a possibility that the babies would have been born in the ambulance stuck in the snow somewhere. Jupiter is also placed in the 1st, as ruler of the 11th we might take that as significant of those who helped bring her and her daughters to the safety of the hospital; the chart shows that they are still in the same location as the mother.

I'm sure you can draw your own conclusions from the early degrees occupied in this chart, bearing in mind that the rising degree might also be early.

Another point to make is that as each child is born into a family, its nativity becomes a new chart for the family as a whole. This doesn't mean that the child itself is necessarily responsible for everything that subsequently happens to that family, but as an event chart, it can be read as the family's chart. Of course, predictions of events can then be made which affect the family as a unit.

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