Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Lisbon, Temperament and Physical Appearance

On Saturday, 6th June at 2pm, I will be leading a half-day workshop in Lisbon, it will be in English. with Portuguese translation We will explore the relationship between the temperament and physical appearance and we'll do that through the nativities of those attending the workshop. But there's a twist - I will judge these from the nativities without knowing to whom they belong and before I arrive in Lisbon. It should be fun!

Those attending will already have made the necessary calculations with the help of Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro (follow their link in the sidebar for Academy of Astrological Studies). I will take those calculations and nativities and working from those will make a judgement on the native's temperament and their physical appearance. This is not done to appear to be clever, but to show how reliable these Traditional methods are and how much confidence I have in them.

For those more modernly inclined, you might be interested to know that through the temperament we begin to discover the 'psychology' of the native. Yes, "there's nothing new in our posterity". There's nothing new about psychology, except its name.

I hope to meet some of you there, we always have a great time and I do like Lisbon very much.


gary said...

Are there any books where we can learn how to do this? I already have Christian Astrology.

Sue Ward said...

If you have "Christian Astrology", then you have all you need, it's what I used to learn these methods. Once you have a reasonable grasp of the System itself, you can then extrapolate and extend.

I'll have to find out about getting some of these lectures and workshops onto video for the net.

Thank you for your question.