Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Physical Description

The workshop at Lisbon brought up a number of interesting astrological points relating to physical description, one being the value of "moles, marks and scars". It is a technique used by William Lilly and explained in Christian Astrology and one which I've favoured for many years. However, I have used it mainly for horary work and haven't really taken the opportunity to explore it in nativities. The workshop enabled me to correct that and I am now more convinced that this technique is valuable.

Obviously, in such an environment, it wasn't possible to be certain in all cases – they could hardly take their clothes off to check some of the more private areas! I'm hoping, though, that those who needed to check afterwards will do so and let me have the results. If this occurs, it might be possible (with their permission and without identification) to post those results here. In any case, the results were positive enough to warrant further investigation into those charts and supported my experience with horary descriptions. So, hopefully, there will be more from me on this later on.

So, watch this space...

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