Friday, 21 August 2009

God, the Universe and Everything

Having lectured on this subject for some years now and presented a number of variations, I wanted to produce the clearest version for internet users. It takes the form of a 'movie' presentation and is my first attempt to use this technology. The audio was recorded in one 'take' and so there are one or two speech errors, as well as that my ability with graphics is limited, so I hope you'll overlook these flaws.

I had wanted to try to explain how and why astrology works and by so doing I had to examine its philosophy and I discovered that this has hardly changed at all – it is still perfectly understandable to astrologers now. Astrology's magical context, of course, cannot be ignored for a complete understanding, but these days I don't think that will raise very many eyebrows, although it did when I began to speak and write about it. It was my intention to present an explanation that would help all of those students of the art who recognised that their understanding was limiting their practise, as it had mine. I hope I have succeeded at least to some extent. Of all the presentations I have given and of all the subjects I have written about, this is my favourite. I hope that you will find it of some interest, too.

The large, compressed file can be found at my web site under "Articles".

In a day or so I will write a short supplementary piece here on the nature of Venus – another subject of debate.

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  1. Want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject and for putting it in (for me) a nutshell allowing everything to slot into place. You have 'joined up the dots' in an area where my thinking lacked form and order. Perhaps I would have got there by myself, eventually after many more years of study. Perhaps not! Your presentation is simple, clear and a pleasure to listen/watch. I look forward to more of the same in the future.
    Sue Walker


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