Monday, 15 November 2010

Free Books to Download

I have just uploaded two titles to my web site - - under "Books". These are free of charge, but you are asked to show your appreciation by donating £3.00 to animal welfare charities (use link to payments page).

The first title is Monster of Ingratitude written by myself and Peter Stockinger, it is a fully referenced investigation into and account of the well-known enmity between William Lilly and John Gadbury. The real reason for this is presented in detail; suffice it to say that it is not the reason most often given.

The second title is the much better known The Life of William Lilly, Student in Astrology, but this is my transcription from the autograph (his signed manuscript). I have been faithful to this manuscript and have added biographical information of the various characters involved and other information. Where I've been able to find them, I've added relevant nativities and my presentation Beyond the Great Fire which looks at the relationship between Lilly and Ashmole among other things. It's a bumper bundle!

You'll find full details on my web site.

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