Friday, 20 March 2009

More Than Lucky

The following chart is set for the time that the Coastguard was alerted after a man asked for help because his dog had fallen over the cliff. The cliff is about 200 feet (60 metres) high, but the dog had fallen just 10 feet onto a ledge. The dog was lifted to safety and reunited with its owner. I've chosen this subject because it gives me the opportunity to explain a little about finding the correct signficator.

This chart is an event chart and there is no information about who it was made the call to the Coastguard, so choosing a significator for the dog isn't straightforward. You will see from the photo that the dog is very like a golden retriever, so I've concentrated on that as physical description is the ultimate test for correct significators. Also, the dog has fallen so we might want to take note of Saturn as the natural ruler of falls, and of the Moon, general significator, in its fall in Scorpio. It would be tempting to go directly to the 6th house of small animals, but this takes no account of the Ascendant we don't know if it was the owner who made the call. Thus, I'm going for Mars because it disposits the Moon and is itself disposited by Saturn. Furthermore, it's in Aquarius which gives a light, sanguine colouring. Mars is in late degrees as is the 10th house itself in which Mars is placed, and so I take that as a clear image of an edge or ledge. Perhaps the joining of land and sea.

Lilly says this of Aquarius ("Christian Astrology" page 99): "I have observed the party is of a cleer, white or faire Complexion, and of sandy coloured Haire, or very flaxen, ...". As Aquarius is of the Air triplicity it provides a description of high places, hilly and uneven. I'm satisfied that the dog is signified by Mars in Aquarius. Mars is the strongest planet and that it is in the 10th house indicates 'lifting up' rather than 'falling down'.

I think it's more fortunate that the dog is of that particular breed which are often steady, reliable and unflustered dogs, another breed might have fallen during the
rescue attempt. Nevertheless, it's amazing.


  1. Very interesting! Mars at 29º Aquarius, between the land and the sea. Could the dog's steady behavior be also related to the placement of Mars in a fixed sign?

  2. Yes, a good point. A phlegmatic sign would indicate outward calmness, too.


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