Monday, 5 September 2011

Where IS it?

Not only is losing something a nuisance, trying to find it is more of a nuisance, but this is nothing compared to trying to find it using horary. Well, that's my experience and generally I don't bother. However, because I was recently asked about this by a Tweeter (thanks to @xpaulk and I know he'll be interested) and because I found the thing immediately, I'm posting the chart here.

I haven't been posting recently because I'm in the middle of moving house, this added to the problem because I couldn't be absolutely certain that it was in the house. My passport needs to be renewed, I put it off because of the move and put away the old passport and the necessary forms for completing later. Later has arrived, but they weren't where I thought I'd put them. This is the top of three drawers in my desk. I searched twice, once quickly the second time more thoroughly. Piles of papers were investigated (always lots of those), other sets of drawers (plenty of those) and when I was convinced that I couldn't find them, I asked the question…

Where is my passport?

I didn't make this a complete judgement and didn't look anything up, I simply wanted to find the thing. I saw the late Ascendant and assumed that I would find it quickly and that there was a suggestion of 'edges' or 'between'. The Moon is on the 2nd cusp which gave me confidence that it was in this house and not the new one, thus it wasn't far from my possession or its proper place. Sagittarius indicates a warm place and/or near a wall. The ruler of the 2nd house is Jupiter which is in the 6th house, retrograde (good, it's an indication of recovery), but not well off in Taurus.

It took me 4 minutes from the time of the question to find the passport because of these two planets: it's near where it should be and it's dusty, dark and between things. So, down on the floor I went, under the desk, behind the computer and there they were. The passport and documents had fallen out of the back of the drawer.

The only point I'm pushing here is that sometimes it's easy – and that is remarkable enough to get me blogging again.

PS: the planetary hour is Mercury which doesn't agree with the Ascendant, but as the natural ruler of such things, I accepted it. It has a square to the Ascendant which I took as helpful because it described the documents as being in a recoverable location – connected to me. There is angularity otherwise I wouldn't have bothered looking.