Sunday, 13 September 2020

Birthstones - just for the tourists?

 I've had cause recently to look into the idea of gemstones associated with the signs of the Zodiac. I contacted Peter Stockinger about it because he has invested a lot of time into the powers of gemstones. Neither of us could come up with any reason for the attributions of gems to signs other than it was a recent invention, or at least more modern. I am not about to spend time researching its genesis, but if you know then do by all means tell me.

Still needing to do something about this, I looked again at William Lilly's Christian Astrology (1647). Amongst other things, he was the great collator of information relating to astrology and his study and research far outweighs anything that I could achieve. All gemstones and minerals are attributed to the planets, so using the ruling planets of the signs I've compiled the following list. I am not suggesting that this is at all definitive, some of the attributions are simply my preference according to what I know about the planet.

Aries - bloodstone (of course)

Taurus - carnelian

Gemini - chalcedony

Cancer - moonstone, quartz crystal (two here because selenite can't be ignored)

Leo - garnet

Virgo - fire agate

Libra - lapis lazuli

Scorpio - jasper

Sagittarius - jacinth

Capricorn - jet (my favourite but any black stone)

Aquarius - zircon (sapphire wannabe)

Pisces - amethyst

There is, of course, another way of attributing stones to planets and that's by comparing the crystalline form (where the gem has one) with the planet - I may do that.

If you find anything of use here, I'd be obliged if you give William and I credit; I'm becoming tired of finding my work, whole or in bits and pieces, on other people's sites without mention.