Sunday, 16 November 2008

Cold Comfort Farm

Following the recent fall in the value of the pound, a not altogether unwelcome event according to some commentators, I thought that it was probably time to look at the astrological indicators of what is to come. I will be presenting an article on the effects of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in the next issue of The Tradition (see link right), so my thoughts here centre only on the forthcoming Jupiter-Saturn trine and will be brief.

The trine of which I speak is the last in a series of five which have occurred over the last eighteen months or so. It isn't unheard of to have this number of repeating aspects between conjunctions, but it isn't common either. The last one perfected on the 8th of September and the events of that month need no further comment. The trine currently in action perfects on the 21st of November, and I want to explore the possibilities a little. The chart for the perfection of the trine is set for London, but it could just as easily be set for New York, or Tokyo, or your stock market of choice.

The 1st house is ruled by Saturn in Virgo and intercepted in the 7th house; it is the strongest planet in the chart. This gives some resilience and fortitude and the North Node in the 1st also offers some benefit. However, what caught my eye in the first place was Mars conjunct the MC in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. So the two most important angles are ruled by the two planets causing all the financial rumpus.

But, to Mars. The trouble will be very public, although having little power and so little duration. A flash in the pan, but it will still cause some damage. Mars is rarely quiet in its doings and in Sagittarius will spread the news far and wide. As Jupiter is in the 12th, I suspect another scandal which will affect the economy because Mars rules the 2nd house. Perhaps there is something nasty in the woodshed after all. Saturn in Virgo, in my opinion, is bureaucratic and petty, interventionist and interfering (looking like it's been sucking lemons!). Here it brings those characteristics to its naturally deflationary and restrictive essence. A trine with a well-placed and dignified Jupiter might have loosened its stays a little, but unfortunately Jupiter is disposited by Saturn and in Fall. Jupiter is the natural significator of wealth and Saturn of poverty - in this case Saturn wins. With the Moon closely applying to conjunct Saturn, we have public pressure on the Government to act ("something should be done about this..."), hence yet more restrictions, interference and red tape.

Cold comfort, indeed, but once this trine has separated at the end of November, we have some time to recover before we have to face a series of oppositions beginning in May 2010. Announcements suggest that the recession could last for about a year, but I suggest that it will be a little longer.

A brief comparison with the chart for the Aries ingress proves unreassuring. The 2nd house ruler is Venus, inflated by exaltation; it is in a separating opposition with Saturn, a separating trine of Mars, and detrimented and fallen Mercury of trading runs fast to catch up. with the Moon activating all but the Sun, each has its part to play in this unfolding drama. Venus of the trine chart is deflated in Capricorn and is void of course which I take to mean that we will not be able to buy our way out of this and perhaps trading being stopped. Interestingly and unsurprisingly, both positions of Venus are in the 12th house of undoing, loss and scandal. With Mercury so obviously connected with the crisis in both charts, it might be worth considering the accusation by some commentators that the media is 'talking up' the size of the problem. Going by Mercury's condition in these charts, I would agree that there is less substance in the reported crisis and we should take care to consider the evidence rather than the interpretation.

The 'Gold Rush' has ended in tears yet again, but we will recover as we always do. Our long journey through the infertile Earth triplicity began in 1802 and will not end until 2020, perhaps by then, with the sobering and more productive Air of Aquarius, we will have learned that materialism isn't everything.

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