Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Strictly Nonsense

I have to admit to being one of the millions of viewers of the hugely popular Strictly Come Dancing on a Saturday night. One of the most controversial surviving competitors is the political broadcaster John Sergeant. This is because his dancing is atrocious, but the viewing public appear to love him, so he has been kept in the competition week after week by the public vote. However, it has become clear that the joke has been wearing thin, especially when it was the very popular Cherie Lunghi who left the show in Sergeant's favour. Cherie's professional partner asked that the public vote on the basis of the celebrity's dancing competence only. After this, I couldn't imagine that Sergeant would stay in the show, surely honour would dictate that he withdraw. And so I asked the following question:

Will John Sergeant quit Strictly?

I took the Ascendant for Sergeant of whom I know nothing other than his public persona, but even taking the 7th the answer doesn't change because both Sun and Saturn are void of course. He will proceed no further in the competition. Another reason for favouring the 1st for Sergeant is that the South Node is placed there and I do think that he was in danger of undermining the gravitas for which he is known - people were laughing at him as well as with him. I also think that the sign of Scorpio goes a long way to describing him physically.

The Moon applies to the opposition of Jupiter which rules the 5th house of entertainment, perfecting in about 3.5 degrees. I believe that the show's producers must have been questioning the value of the situation, they could lose as much if not more than they gained. So, if they didn't actually encourage Sergeant, I don't think that they were very upset when he announced his resignation today. He will dance once more during this week's programme - a sound political move on the part of the producers - and then he will leave.

Readers might be able to find more, but I'm not sure that the subject is worth the effort. Asking the question was something that occurred to me on Sunday morning and I promptly forgot all about it, the following news bulletin reminded me.

How do we sleep at night with all this worry?

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