Thursday, 23 April 2009

Hard Wired

Her neighbour's alarm having been activated, she looked out of her window to see what was going on. She spotted three boys breaking into her neighbour's house, but she had also been spotted by them and one boy shot at her. Like many women, she was a firm supporter of the underwired bra and it was this that saved her life or from serious injury. The bullet was deflected by the underwiring and the only injuries she sustained we caused by broken glass as the bullet passed through her window.

I am showing this chart for one reason only, as you will see. The 1st house represents the woman who was shot at, Cancer is on the cusp - which part of the body corresponds to Cancer? Yes, you guessed it: the breasts. The Ascendant is afflicted by Saturn and certainly she was in great danger, but the bullet, Mars, is applying to Venus (Veus is very slow at the moment) very closely. And what does Venus signify? Women's things!


  1. Interesting, as always. Fortunately for her, the bullet missed the target! As Mars, the bullet, is in the hedge of the sign, can this be seen as the bullet ‘falling short’ of its aim (Aries, where it is dignified by rulership)?

  2. Your comment has made me think more about this event. Mars is very strong in this chart, as a bullet is and the boy's aim was good. Venus is accidentally debilitated and one of the reasons for that is that it is oriental of the Sun. As a feminine planet, orientality makes it more masculine and in this, unusually, we have a positive argument. Venus in Pisces is 'soft', as bras are, but that oriental position gives a toughness in its flexibility. (I don't know if you've ever tried to break those wires!)

    So, Mars is deflected by its application to benefic Venus, in other words, Mars is prohibited by Venus. It's interesting to see a benefic prohibition and a debility being of good use.

    Thank you for taking an interest in this chart.

  3. Dear Sue,

    thank you for bringing this interesting chart to our attention. I saw this in the newspaper the other day and drew the chart up myself.
    To all that has been said I only want to add that the Sun in the chart is conjunct Mira, which has the same root as 'miracle'. This seems to be an apt description of the event.


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