Monday, 13 April 2009

Not So Lucky

The public holidays always bring with them their share of tragedies as people do whatever they have to for fun. In this case, a Polish tourist appears to have been having a photo taken by friends. A witness reported that he was on, or very near to the cliff edge and holding on to a tuft of grass for support as the photo was being taken. The grass was uprooted by the tourist's weight and he fell 300 feet (90m) to his death. The time given is approximately the time that the emergency services were called. The man was already dead when the call was placed as is shown in the chart.

The chart speaks clearly enough, but readers might also like to note the similarities with previous charts of cliff falls on this web log. You can see the Ascendant and the Moon in late degrees as well as Venus, to whom the Moon applies. The Sun rules the Ascendant and is exalted, high up, but not this time because he would be rescued by the Coastguard. The general significator, the Moon, is in its fall and in the 4th house of ground level afflicting the rising degree. The late degrees again describing a position 'between', in this case, between land and sea, between life and death.

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