Monday, 1 December 2008

Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-126

I had intended to write about this before the shuttle's return to Earth, but missed it, nevertheless the chart shows some interesting descriptions which may be of interest.

The chart is set for the moment of lift-off and the Ascendant and its ruler signify the shuttle and its crew. We see the Moon just above the horizon showing the ship rising off the platform and away from Earth.

The Ascendant also indicates the point of departure, the 10th the journey to the destination, the 7th the destination itself and the 4th the return journey. Looking at the angles, we have Venus in the 7th of destination and the stated aim of this trip was to improve the living quarters on the space station (it was nominated as "extreme home improvements"). Certainly Venus would be associated with making something or somewhere more pleasant, but in Capricorn Venus doesn't seem to be offering anything luxurious. You can read about the nature of the improvements by following the link below, but part of the work was to install new toilets and a system for purifying (Venus) urine and sweat (Capricorn).

Saturn is placed in the 4th of the return and we know that this was delayed by one day and that the landing was changed at the last minute due to bad weather at Cape Canaverel. It had occurred to me that Saturn's position there might indicate a bumpy landing, but in this chart it has over 20 dignities, so not as bad a result as might be expected. The Moon applies to Saturn by square in 2 degrees which is a little short of the anticipated 15 day trip which turned into 16 days. Still, a nicely descriptive chart from which you might be able to extract more information.

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