Monday, 15 December 2008

How the Mighty Fall

On the 16th November I published a prediction here relating to the Jupiter-Saturn trine of the 21st which highlighted Mars in the 10th house. I suggested that some financial scandal might well ensue and on Friday last it was announced that Bernard Madoff was suspected of fraud. The alleged amount is said to be £33bn and today he has been arrested on that charge. One commentator stated "This is the biggest financial scandal, probably in the history of the markets..." (notice how many superlatives have been used during this crisis). I should say that I had expected this type of event in the UK, but with globalisation it doesn't really matter, it's effect will be worldwide. As you will see if you follow the link, a number of UK banks are known to have been affected.

You might note that there is a hint in that article to a need for further regulation, to which I also referred in my post of 16th November. I don't know much about finance and stock markets, but it is suggested that this scandal might be tha last straw with regard to hedge funds. With the coming of the conjunction in Aquarius, I suggest that this isn't all that comes to an end pertaining to financial speculation, etc.

I also stated that the trine would have separated by the end of November, but this isn't so of course because the joint moeities of their orbs will not be completely separate until 15th January or thereabouts. My apologies, I leaned on the software a little too heavily there.

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