Thursday, 11 December 2008

Mundane Astrology

In the forthcoming issue of The Tradition, as mentioned before, I will present a paper in part regarding the current financial situation, but it's main aim is to encourage the use of the Jupiter-Saturn cycles in Mundane work. I am hoping to demonstrate that the accuracy of the Traditional system by means of Jupiter and Saturn far outweighs any other. This might seem like arrogance of the first order, but I have been amazed by the descriptive precision and predictive capacity so many times that I am confident of the method's efficacy. The range in terms of time can be as wide or as narrow as the circumstances of examination require: 20 years, 200 years, 2000 years, or longer, it doesn't matter. The Jupiter-Saturn cycles cover all of these and more.

I am probably not the best person to be holding forth on Mundane matters and I am certainly not the best informed, but there is little information available about the application of the Traditional system, and so I will add my little bit. Hopefully, this will encourage others to do a more thorough and detailed job. Unfortunately, in order to be thorough and detailed, a lot of work is required and here, as elsewhere, I understand the reason for use of the new planets. Their extremely slow movement seems to coincide with so-called "generational" shifts, and examining the transits of these three is hardly challenging. Whereas applying the Jupiter-Saturn cycles requires certain 'overviews' of other cycles outside the narrower one; in my article I call it the 'Russian Doll' effect. It can be complex, but if we are truly to understand the world in which we live, we must also understand the larger cycles of Creation. This has a grandiose sound to it, but we might also be interested in whether or not the current situation will deliver its payload without damage to ourselves, because Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions can also be applied to the nativity.

The state of the national economy might also be of interest, but this is only one of the subjects covered by these cycles. War, health, trade, social concerns, political matters all fall within their remit, as do the rise and fall of civilisations, political systems, nations, leaders and many, many more. Anything of historical interest or importance can be found within these cycles and if we can read the past and, of course, the present, then we can necessarily read the future.

Of interest to some might be my paper Uranus, Neptune and Pluto: an investigation into the sources of their symbolism (available through my web site – see link to the right) where I investigate, as the title suggests, the derivation of the symbolism of these planets. It is of interest to those who might undertake Mundane work, but again, I fully accept that a Traditional astrologer such as myself was not the best person to carry out this investigation. Still, you might find something of interest there.

It might be as well to remember that just because this astrological system is very old, that doesn't make it redundant. As Olivia Barclay used to say, "Arithmetic is very old, but 1 and 1 still make 2."

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