Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Strictly No Go

If the John Sergeant affair didn't ruffle enough feathers, "The Results Show" or should I say, "The non-Results Show" has ruffled a few more. In truth they could have been the same feathers ruffled twice.

The three couples entered the semi-final expecting there to be a dance-off at the end of the show between the lowest scoring two couples. The judges scores had placed two of them in joint first place which precluded a dance-off after the public vote had been counted. The production team hadn't realised this before the voting began and so at the start of the show it was announced that the vote had been stopped. No big deal you might think, especially as it was made clear that the votes already cast would be 'rolled-over' to next week's final. Ultimately it was decided that all three couples would go forward to the final.

If you were thinking that there was
nothing wrong with that, in my own opinion you'd be right, however eighteen hundred Strictly fans thought otherwise and complained to the BBC. Whoever said that the British weren't very good at complaining should think again – we can complain when there's nothing to complain about, in fact we'll make something up if necessary. It is said that a little education is a dangerous thing, well, a little power is a tiresome thing; there's probably some interesting psychology there about feelings of being disenfranchised or something. Perhaps I should mention that millions watch this programme and, probably, vote, so eighteen hundred is a tiny proportion.

The chart for the beginning of the show is stunningly descriptive. The announcement was made within a minute and a half of the show's start, so this time is fine.

The Sun, the ruler of the Ascendant, is conjunct the 5th cusp of entertainment with the Moon of the public vote in the 11th. The Moon holds interest here because it is unusually fairly strong and I take this as the huge number of those participating and their influence in the matter (reassuring perhaps for those who felt that their vote was being ignored or carried no weight). However, for all that, spoilsport Saturn is stronger and is in a square with the Sun, both in signs of long ascension easing that square. The show wasn't cancelled and neither was the vote, it was just delayed and the show finished ten minutes early, so all is not lost. The Moon is void of course and so cannot be effective and certainly cannot prevent the vote being stopped and the show being disrupted in this way. I suppose that if you watch the show to see who will win rather than how they dance, this could be a tad frustrating. It's hardly the stuff of headlines.


Here is a brief, but interesting, discussion from the BBC's "Newsnight" programme.


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